Bank Fintech Fusion
October 18‑20, 2023

Bank Fintech Fusion Agenda

*Agenda subject to change.

12:00Registration Open to 5:30 p.m. 
3:00Welcome / Opening RemarksEmcee: Kristy Siefkin
3:15Industry Update – Bank Fintech FusionFireside Chat – Paul Schaus with Kate Drew & Tyler Brown
3:45Fintech 1 Presentation 
4:05Fintech 2 Presentation 
4:30 “Finding Symbiosis: What Is the Future of the Bank-Fintech Relationship?Fireside Chat 
5:15Day 1 Closing RemarksEmcee: Kristy Siefkin
5:30Welcome Reception 
7:00Breakfast Available / Registration Open to 5:00 p.m. 
8:00Day 2 Opening RemarksEmcee: Kristy Siefkin
8:10Fintech 3 Presentation 
8:35Fintech 4 Presentation 
9:00Your Digital ‘Ever After’: future-proofing your transformation strategySpeaker: Dr Leda Glyptis
9:45Are Traditional Cores on life support? The panel will be Discussing the next generation of core technology and what should a Bank do?

Next Gen Core Panel with Thought Machine, 10x, Finxact and Temenos

Moderator: Leda Glyptis

10:35Companion to the previous panel discussion, with bankers sharing their perspective on transformationPanel Discussion / Moderator: Sarah Kocianski

Breakout Sessions

• How Can Community Banks Best Leverage Fintechs?
• How banks can adopt generative AI
• Meetups

12:00Lunch / Keynote – Chocolate and Peanut Butter: Why the Generative AI Revolution is Perfectly TimedSpeaker: Alex Johnson
1:00Cybersecurity: Using Emerging Technology To Protect Your Business From The Latest Threats from an Emmy-Recognized Journalist and Retired FBI Agent and professional speaker, John IannarelliInterview:  Kristy Siefkin 
1:50Current environment for the Fusion of Banking & Fintech
Legal, Compliance and De Novo perspective?
Panel Discussion / Moderator: Sarah Kocianski

Breakout Sessions

• BaaS in your future
• Digital core modernization for a bankable future
• Meetups

3:25Embedded Finance: What Is It and What Banks Need to KnowSpeaker: Susan French
4:10Fintech 5 Presentation 
4:35Fintech 6 Presentation 
5:00Day 2 Closing RemarksEmcee: Kristy Siefkin
5:30ReceptionAll Attendees
6:00VIP Wine Reception / DinnerInvitation Only
7:00Breakfast Available / Registration Open till 1:00 PM 
8:00Day 3 Opening RemarksEmcee: Kristy Siefkin
8:15Future Delivery Models – Betting on the right modeFireside Chat
9:00Decoding the consumer mind” to bring forth the idea of community and how Financial Institutions need to change to adaptTheodora Lau
9:45ChatGPT – Future Use and MisuseModerator: Sarah Kocianski
10:35Fintech 7 Presentation 
11:00Fintech 8 Presentation 

Breakout Sessions

• Open Banking Regulations – What is coming, how to prepare and plan
• Building a successful Fintech Strategy
• Payment Hubs in your future
• Meetups

12:05LunchSpeaker To Be Announced
1:05Fintech 9 Presentation 
1:30Fintech 10 Presentation 
1:55Fintech Voting Beginnings – Instructions 
2:00Investment in Fintech – Success and PitfallsPanel Discussion / Moderator: Tiana Brown
2:45Best in Show Fintech Award / PresentationEmcee: Kristy Siefkin
3:00Conference Closing / Final Remarks